What's in Bloom at Gallery 65?





Because it is Spring, what better way to showcase this colorful, hopeful time of year than through flowers? Currently at Gallery 65 we have many artists’ works with those flourishing, blossoming, colorful beauties, and it is interesting to observe the different techniques and colors chosen to capture them on canvas, or even sculpted from stone.




Take a look at Robert Thoren’s luscious red and pinkish-white peonies that he hovers over his still life titled “Sergei’s Peonies.” The title is a direct nod towards the renowned Russian Impressionist Master Sergei Bongart, from which Thoren’s instructors had studied under. So what? We have this impressionistic style of painting that is done by so many artists today...not quite. Thoren captures the movement and life of the peonies without having them too detailed or looking wilted. His bright greens and reds really wake up the painting. The contrast between the juicy bright Granny Smith apples and the fluffy globes of petals is certainly creative. It is definitely a “fresh” scene for Spring.



Now, who can ignore the extremely relevant new addition by Betty Huang, “Burst of Cherry Blossoms?" Her scene captures the gorgeous Japanese trees by the water in full bloom, reflecting their bright pinks and subtle shadows. I know if I had this in my house, I would be happily reminded of the annual ephemeral week in the District, and smile to myself thinking that I could in fact see the cherry blossoms year-round. Her dynamic brushstrokes capture the wispy nature of the trees, and shows how full they are in bloom.



“Getting Along” by Jill Basham is a fresh surprise. It is a small painting of three flowers, and her thick paint application really makes the composition pop. Just like her landscapes that we are currently showing at the gallery, her flowers have a coarse and courageous edge to them. Since this piece is small and focuses on the blooms, it has a more intimate feeling compared to Thoren’s still life and Huang’s landscape.



 It has been fun stopping to admire the flowers in the gallery, and I hope you can come in to check them out yourself! Happy Spring!

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Mary Ann Parker
via cwgallery65.com23 months ago

After reading this, I can't wait to come into Gallery 65 to see these beautiful paintings in person!

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